Common Pests

Cockroaches & Pest Identification Guide

Insects and rodents are diverse in the UAE. Some are minor annoyances, while others damage property and spread disease. To learn about the pests in our region and how Invaders eliminate them, click below. If unsure or your pest isn't listed, contact us today!

common pest american cockroach Pest_Control_Dubai

Although American cockroaches have the ability to bite, they rarely do.

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brown-banded-cockroach Pest_Control_Dubai

Brown-banded cockroaches pose a threat to health and property.

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German-Cockroach Pest_Control_Dubai

German cockroaches are more than just nuisance pests

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wood-cockroach Pest_Control_Dubai

Wood roaches feed on decaying organic matter, including dead or rotting wood.

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Oriental-Cockroach Pest_Control_Dubai

Oriental cockroaches can remain active all year long.

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Silverfish |

Silverfish females typically lay one to three eggs per day.

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